Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening treatments may be just the solution you have been looking for. We offer in Chair treatments for Instant results as well as take home treatments that you are able to use when convenient for you.

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Why is Teeth Whitening important?

Often years of coffee drinking, heavily coloured foods and even smoking may result in your teeth not having the bright white look we all desire.

Tooth whitening is a safe procedure at Crown Holistic Dental we use natural whitening treatments Natural + contains  non-toxic ecological & biodegradable stabilized hydrogen peroxide.  Unlike other whitening systems it does not contain any heavy metals.

We offer both in chair whitening and also can provide you with take home kits, or in some cases depending on your requirements we may provide you with both.

As a Holistic biologically focused practice we use the Natural + Gel whitening system.

What to Expect With Teeth Whitening?

A professional teeth-cleaning procedure (prophylaxis) is able to clean so much better than your average thorough brushing at home. It is important that you do this prior to any teeth whitening procedure.

Tartar has a yellowish colour, the first step is to ensure that this is removed from your teeth prior to any whitening treatments.  Especially if you only have mild discolouration, there is a chance that once you have your teeth cleaned, they will actually be white enough to satisfy your desires.

It is also during this appointment that hygienist is able to determine if you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening. Although it is in the minority not all patients will benefit from a whitening treatment and it is better to discover this prior to a whitening appointment!

During your Scale & Clean appointment our dental hygienist removes tartar from your mouth with hand tools and then mechanically.

This is followed by a polish and buff which prepares the teeth for the Whitening process. We also utilise Airflow Polishing Devices

What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

The whitening solution does all its work on your enamel to whiten your teeth. Your teeth will appear whiter, brighter after your treatment. While results will vary from person to person the majority of people are able to achieve the desired.

How long do my results last?

A touch up treatment is recommended every 12 months or whenever you begin to notice that your teeth have lost some of their whiteness and brightness. Given the safety of these treatments annual touch ups are not a concern. A touch up is as simple as a single at – home treatment with your take home kit.

Of course time between your touch-up will vary depending on your lifestyle and dietary habits. For example whether you smoke, drink lots of tea,  coffee or red wine as well as heavily stained food like satays and saffron etc can effect how long the whitening will last.

Do you have alternative methods for whitening teeth?

Take home whitening is a great alternative if you are on a budget. You can still achieve fantastic Results whitening your teeth over the course of a few weeks.

The end results will be almost the same as those achieved with in Chair whitening, the only difference being of course that it takes a little longer and is a little more fiddly, however aside from that many patients find it a wonderful alternative! We Offer the Natural Plus Home Kit.  

It ensures optimal results from the comfort of your home as a complete treatment. It also contains  Natural+™Gel which is safe, reliable, and far more efficient than any other home treatment or over the counter product, without the side effects or sensitivities.

The cleaver design of the application syringe delivers the correct amount of gel per tooth with comfort and it is easy to use.