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We're a full Holistic Dentist Based in Joondalup

Crown Holistic Dental takes a holistic approach to caring for your family's dental needs, seeing the mouth as an integrated part of the body. This is why we offer integrative family dentistry, wellness therapies, nutrition and education, based on the deep connection between oral health problems and total body health.

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Crown Holistic Dental meets your whole families needs. We see the mouth as an integrated part of the body.

As such we understand that some patients may have sensitivities to various traditional dental materials, or simply prefer to use the least toxic products available.

Sourcing  materials that are the least reactive in the body, for example BPA, fluoride and heavy metal free filling materials is just one of the fresh ways we approach your Oral care.

Offering Ozone treatment throughout multiple procedures, Our Practitioners are also SMART certified, this means we go through a series of steps to ensure that our patients and staff are as safe as possible when removing old amalgam fillings.

Stockist of the Amazing Gem Oral Health Care Products containing Hydroxyapatite, which is making huge waves in the Dental Industry, as well as Other Holistic Offerings such as In -House Iv therapies to Ozonated oil for Oil pulling and more!

As Holistic Dentist we consider the systemic health of the whole body and we work closely with other Natural Health practitioners, such as Naturopaths and Nutritionist to Provide Exceptional Care!

If you are looking for a Fresh Approach to Dental then Crown Holistic dental may just be what you are looking for!


Mercury is released from dental amalgam as vapour and particles.

Mercury vapour is invisible, odourless, tasteless and 80% is absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream.

Mercury interferes with normal biological processes in the body and is primarily stored in the kidney, liver and brain. It can adversely affect important biological compounds found in hormones, enzymes, amino acids,  red blood cells and more. Within the body the so-called inorganic harmless mercury undergoes methylation making it bioavailable and potentially more toxic. Around the world (but not yet in W.A)  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) legislates that dental clinics are not allowed to dispose amalgam fillings in our waste systems because it is Toxic Waste.  Yet in W.A this is exactly what happens in many of the clinics.

Should you request to have Your amalgam fillings replaced we adopt the SMART removal protocol which is comprised of the following steps.

Amalgam separators for responsible disposal of mercury.

Air filtration systems placed in Clinical Rooms specifically  to remove any mercury vapour and particles.

Use of Pre-Procedure mix of absorbent rinse.

Protective gowns and covers for both Staff and Patients, preventing any particles.

Fresh Air flow throughout procedure.

Rubber Dam in your mouth Protects your airway from any material that may otherwise be at risk of being swallowed or inhaled.

We use of a saliva respirator throughout entire Procedure.

Plus a specially designed air vacuum placed just two inches from your mouth, this highly effective vacuum specifically designed to remove and filter potentially toxic vapours.

We use very sharp cutting tools with copious amounts of water during procedure, Our Dentist will also “cut” the amalgam out in large sections.

High speed suction for fastest removal of waste materials.

Fresh Oxygen delivered to the Patient throughout the procedure.

Flush Mouth with Great Care following the procedure. With a specifically designed Charcoal mixture.

All materials are disposed in the safest way, ensuring nothing toxic goes into the water or waste system.

We strongly Advise the follow up with Naturopath or Allied Health Provider for continued Detoxification of the Body is Strongly Advised.

Ozone Treatment

Oral ozone treatment is a form of dental therapy that uses ozone, a naturally occurring gas, to improve oral health. Some potential benefits of oral ozone treatment include:

Killing bacteria: Ozone is a powerful antimicrobial agent and can effectively eliminate harmful bacteria in the mouth, which can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Reducing inflammation: Ozone has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling and inflammation in the gums.

Improving healing: Ozone can stimulate the healing process and promote faster recovery after dental procedures.

Whitening teeth: Ozone can remove surface stains on the teeth, resulting in a brighter and more attractive smile.

Reducing sensitivity: Ozone can reduce tooth sensitivity by penetrating the tooth's enamel and dentin.

Improving overall oral health: By eliminating bacteria, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing, ozone treatment can improve overall oral health and reduce the risk of future dental problems.

New, partial and Full dentures

Specialists in dentures Joondalup can rely on

Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth so that they're both natural looking and practical. When fitted by a trained dental prosthetist, dentures are comfortable, fit securely, and provide a cost effective solution to missing teeth.

We fit a comprehensive range of dentures Joondalup patients commonly need. This includes complete dentures, a removable device made from porcelain or acrylic that replaces your upper teeth, lower teeth or both. Your dentist can also fit partial dentures where, depending on how many teeth have been lost, a device is fitted to replace them. Alternatively, we can restore the fit of your dentures with a reline.

If you need to have teeth extracted, your dentist can fit you with immediate dentures at the same visit to replace them. This is a temporary measure to fill in the gaps in your mouth and help you avoid embarrassment while waiting for permanent dentures to be prepared.

It is important to note that a surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, and so you should always consult with an appropriately qualified health practitioner before commencing treatment.

Need to get a new denture in a hurry?
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At Crown Holistic Dental we will repair your dentures in an emergency quickly. Instant Repairs, most in under 60 mins!
No appointment needed in most cases.
Emergency Dentures

Emergency Denture Repairs

Lost, broken, loose or damaged dentures can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and affect your smile and confidence. Our dental prosthetist team provides an emergency denture repairs service.

Simply make an appointment at our Joondalup dental clinic and we will undertake any repairs required, reline your loose dentures, fit a trial denture, or begin preparing a replacement denture for you, without delay.

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New, complete and partial dentures

At our Crown Holistic Dental clinic, we specialise in all types of dentures to replace missing teeth. This includes full and partial dentures to replace missing lower teeth or upper teeth, fitting a trial denture, or immediate dentures. We can also fit implant supported fixed dentures, where a denture is attached to permanent dental implants fitted in the bone of the jaw.

As your mouth, gums and bones change over time, it is likely that your dentures will at some time start not to fit you properly. In this scenario, we can undertake a same day denture reline for patients (with either hard or soft liners), so that you can smile with confidence once more.
Regular maintenance and repairs
We take care of everything to do with Dentures in Joondalup.
Regular visits will ensure that your dentures continue to fit comfortably and that you can eat and drink with confidence.
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If you want to find out more about the comprehensive range of dentures, dental implants and bridges we can fit to replace missing, broken or damaged teeth, book an appointment to talk to our specialist dentists to find out more.

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