At Crown Holistic Dental our Dentist and staff have all been trained in the globally accepted Gold Standard of Safe Mercury Removal and we practice the Smart “Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique” Our team is also trained in the “SMART” way.

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At Crown Holistic Dental our Dentist and staff have all been trained in the globally accepted Gold Standard of Safe Mercury Removal and we practice the Smart “Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique” Our team is also trained in the “SMART” way.

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What is SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal)?

Whilst not all patients can nor should have their silver fillings replaced it may interest you to know that dental mercury amalgam has been the most commonly used dental material in the last 160 years, yet it contains one of the most toxic substances known to man; mercury. Dental amalgam contains 50% mercury, 20-35% silver, 6-15% copper, 8-15% tin and occasionally small amounts of zinc. We take great care in amalgam removal. There are also a number of steps and considerations involved in safely removing mercury fillings.

What is involved in a SMART Procedure?

The use of Amalgam Separators

In order to prevent mercury amalgam from getting into the liquid waste from our office and ultimately ending up in the environment we have installed amalgam separators in our office.  Did you know that W.A is one of the few states where this is not mandatory and most practices simply do not bother to instal these systems. While installing them is costly and time consuming, we have the strong belief that when we can do better for the environment and future generations, we absolutely do!

The Benefits

You will benefit from our installed air filtration systems in all of our Clinical Rooms specifically placed to remove any mercury vapour and particles that may be released by the procedure.

You benefit from a pre procedure mix of absorbent material to rinse and swallow with if it has been advised by your naturopath to do so. (this is usually a mixture of charcoal and chlorella)

The Procedure

Our Staff the dentist, and dental assistants all wear protective gowns and covers. The dentist and assistant both wear non latex nitrile gloves, face shields, head and hair coverings and a proper air flow mask. These are used to protect you from mercury amalgam particulates.

You are fitted with a nasal mask to allow the flow of clean fresh oxygen throughout the procedure. We also take care to drape you with surgical drapes that are easily are responsibly disposed of. To reduce the amount of any harmful particles that may otherwise be left on your clothing.

When working the Dentist will place a rubber Dam in your mouth. Many patients may already be aware of what a rubber dam is however for those new to this, it is simply a physical barrier that isolates the tooth or teeth we are working on. It Protects your airway from any material that may otherwise be at risk of being swallowed or inhaled.

Rubber Dams also protect the soft tissue and keep the tongue, lips and cheeks protected. It improves the visibility for the dentist allowing them to remove the amalgam fillings in the best possible way. (we detail this further in coming information)

We place a saliva respirator (suction piece) under the rubber dam to keep you comfortable and to collect any excessive saliva you may produce throughout the procedure. Ultimately this makes for a much more relaxing experience by our patients. You are able to experience the whole procedure with confidence that you are protected from the potential of swallowing the pieces of amalgam.

The use of the Air Vaccuum

We use a specially designed air vacuum that we place just two to four inches from your mouth, this highly effective vacuum specifically designed to remove and filter potentially toxic vapours and microbiological contaminants away from the immediate breathing area removing the vapours away from you as quickly and effectively as possible. Our Dental air vac system is a hands Free cleaning device with a flexible source suction duct. It is extremely quiet while in use so you may not even noticed us using it but rest assured we employ every know tactic when it comes to responsibly removing your amalgam fillings.    

We use very sharp cutting tools and our Dentist also uses copious amounts of water during this procedure, they have been trained to do this as this prevents the cutting stage from overheating thereby reducing the amount of vapour the amalgam will release. Our Dentist will also “cut” the amalgam out in large sections, unlike removing other materials from the mouth where your dentist will often drill them away bit by bit. The less we can disturb the amalgam the better.

We also use high speed suction which is held by our dental assistant and this ensures the fastest removal of waste materials possible. We take great care to clean and rinse your mouth following the procedure. We will flush your mouth thoroughly with water and then we will invite you to rinse a second time with the charcoal mixture.

Careful disposal of all materials

We dispose of all materials in a safe and environmentally acceptable way. At Crown holistic Dental we feel an obligation to our environment and future generations to dispose of these materials safely.