Oral Cancer Screening

An oral cancer examination is fast and painless. Its objective is to identify small changes in the lining tissues of the mouth, lips and tongue that may signify the early stages of this type of cancer.

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Who is at Risk of Developing Oral Cancer?

It is now well understood that particularly in Australia, general exposure to cumulative sun damage is a critical risk factor for developing skin cancers Two out of every three people in Australia will have some sort of experience with skin cancers. (including those of the scalp, face, ears, nose, lips and neck).

For those with a history of alcohol consumption and smoking the risk of developing oral cancer is significantly greater. Patients who are advanced in years are commonly understood to be the main risk factors for some types of oral cavity cancer.

Early detection has been shown to increase the survival rate of oral cancer to 80% or more! This is fantastic news and yet another reason to have a healthy and regular relationship with your dentist, this test can truly save lives. AT Crown Holistic Dental we encourage getting regular dental check-ups for Optimum Health.

Do I need an Oral Cancer Examination?

If you notice abnormal changes or any sore spots and even mild irritation in the mouth, around your lips and on your tongue, it is important to have this assessed as soon as possible. Any unusual changes, lesions, ulcers or sore spots that haven’t gone away by themselves after 2-3 weeks should be examined.

The best way to diagnose oral cancer is through a laboratory report. If one of our Dental Specialists feels something is not quite right or even a little suspicious we will recommend a laboratory diagnosis. Early diagnosis, aided by thorough screenings at your regular dental check-ups, is one of the best defences against oral cancer.