Dental Hygiene

At Crown Holistic Dental our Hygienist or Therapist will examine and treat diseases of the teeth and is crucial to assist you in detecting any early signs of Decay or gum disease. They are an important part of our Holistic Family.

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What's Included in a Hygiene Appointment?

Our Hygienist performs a thorough scale, clean and curettage together with oral hygiene instruction. In a healthy mouth the gum is like a Firm layer of protection around a tooth making it easy to brush away plaque and allows for you to keep the gums healthy and clean avoiding chronic inflammation or infection.

At the appointment, the hygienist will perform a thorough assessment of soft tissues within the mouth, cancer screening, tooth and gum health analysis and diagnosis. Your appointment time usually lasts around 45-60 mins depending on your specific needs. After this initial discussion, the Hygienist will assess the health of your teeth and take careful notes regarding your oral health, and this will be discussed with other team members should the need arise.

Treatment will commence, cleaning around each of your teeth and under your gums. The hygienist will then finish by polishing your teeth. This part is commonly called a ‘scale and clean’. We try to keep radiographs to as minimum however should you require one our hygienist may also take photographic records and/or diagnostic x-rays to ensure there are no concerns, sharing these with your Dentist if required.

How do I know if I need to book a Dental Hygiene Appointment?

The symptoms of gum disease include bad breathe, red and puffy gums, bleeding gums as well as noticing that your teeth may become loose, receding gums. You may experience pain and sensitivity to hot or cold, as well as other discomfort. If you have the following, it is worth making an appointment to see our dental hygienists:

(1) Bleeding gums
(2) Inflammation around your teeth
(3) Teeth sensitivity
(4) Bad breath
(5) Any other dental concerns