When it comes to Smile Makeovers Crown Holistic Dental excel at providing you with the ultimate in smile restorations. Having a beautiful smile can make all the difference to a persons confidence.

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What are Crowns?

Porcelain crowns (tooth crowns, caps or dental crowns) are a little bit like a cap that covers an existing tooth. Often the tooth underneath may be weak or even have suffered from some decay. Many times a Crown will be recommended to protect the remaining tooth. However on some occasions a Crown may be required for purely cosmetic reasons. We offer a variety of range of crowns they can be made from porcelain, gold alloy, zirconia or Emax.

How Does it Work?

At Crown Holistic Dental we can even do same day Crowns for you due to our in-house laboratory we are able to offer this exceptional level of service. Crowns are helpful in the following applications To cosmetically enhance stained or discoloured teeth To repair and support broken down and decayed teeth. To anchor a bridge to surrounding teeth when looking at tooth replacement. Crowns can also cover a misshapen or occlusally inadequate tooth They can extremely worn down Crowns are inserted over Implants Crowns are useful in making Cosmetic Enhancements! Rest assured whatever your particular needs are we have you covered!