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Our dentists take care of all your family's dental needs, and we welcome new patients of all ages. Please call us to to arrange an appointment with a dentist, and we look forward to seeing you at our friendly and welcoming Joondalup surgery.

As more than just a great Biological & Holistic dental service we offer all general Dental. Adopting a comprehensive approach to oral health that focuses and having a strong focus Your overall well-being of the patient.

Here are some key factors that make a our general dental service great:

  1. Holistic approach: The service should consider the whole body and the impact of oral health on overall health. It should also take into account the patient's lifestyle, diet, and medical history.
  2. Use of biocompatible materials: The service should use materials that are non-toxic and safe for the body, such as composite resin or ceramics, instead of traditional materials that may contain harmful chemicals.
  3. Focus on prevention: The service should prioritize preventative care and patient education to help maintain good oral health and prevent future dental problems.
  4. Experienced and knowledgeable staff: The service should have a team of experienced and knowledgeable dental professionals who are committed to providing high-quality care.
  5. Comfortable and relaxing environment: We have intentionally created a comfortable and relaxing environment that helps to reduce any possible anxiety and stress associated with dental procedures for nervous patients.
  6. Personalized treatment plans: we offer personalized treatment plans that are tailored to Your unique needs and we prefer to walk you through extensive complicated treatment one step at a time.
  7. Availability of advanced technology: we work hard to be able to offer the latest technology and equipment to provide the most effective and efficient care for You our highly valued patient, or as we like to say one of our CROWN Community members! 

By focusing on these factors, a great biological general dental service can provide patients with high-quality, holistic, and safe oral care that promotes overall well-being.

New, partial and Full dentures

Specialists in dentures Joondalup can rely on

Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth so that they're both natural looking and practical. When fitted by a trained dental prosthetist, dentures are comfortable, fit securely, and provide a cost effective solution to missing teeth.

We fit a comprehensive range of dentures Joondalup patients commonly need. This includes complete dentures, a removable device made from porcelain or acrylic that replaces your upper teeth, lower teeth or both. Your dentist can also fit partial dentures where, depending on how many teeth have been lost, a device is fitted to replace them. Alternatively, we can restore the fit of your dentures with a reline.

If you need to have teeth extracted, your dentist can fit you with immediate dentures at the same visit to replace them. This is a temporary measure to fill in the gaps in your mouth and help you avoid embarrassment while waiting for permanent dentures to be prepared.

It is important to note that a surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, and so you should always consult with an appropriately qualified health practitioner before commencing treatment.

Need to get a new denture in a hurry?
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At Crown Holistic Dental we will repair your dentures in an emergency quickly. Instant Repairs, most in under 60 mins!
No appointment needed in most cases.
Emergency Dentures

Emergency Denture Repairs

Lost, broken, loose or damaged dentures can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and affect your smile and confidence. Our dental prosthetist team provides an emergency denture repairs service.

Simply make an appointment at our Joondalup dental clinic and we will undertake any repairs required, reline your loose dentures, fit a trial denture, or begin preparing a replacement denture for you, without delay.

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New, complete and partial dentures

At our Crown Holistic Dental clinic, we specialise in all types of dentures to replace missing teeth. This includes full and partial dentures to replace missing lower teeth or upper teeth, fitting a trial denture, or immediate dentures. We can also fit implant supported fixed dentures, where a denture is attached to permanent dental implants fitted in the bone of the jaw.

As your mouth, gums and bones change over time, it is likely that your dentures will at some time start not to fit you properly. In this scenario, we can undertake a same day denture reline for patients (with either hard or soft liners), so that you can smile with confidence once more.
Regular maintenance and repairs
We take care of everything to do with Dentures in Joondalup.
Regular visits will ensure that your dentures continue to fit comfortably and that you can eat and drink with confidence.
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If you want to find out more about the comprehensive range of dentures, dental implants and bridges we can fit to replace missing, broken or damaged teeth, book an appointment to talk to our specialist dentists to find out more.

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