Looking for a comfortable guard that provides Ultimate Protection ? Then look no further after 30 Plus Years in the Industry we know a thing or two about Mouthguards.

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What Mouthguard is right for me?

We understand the different requirements of many different types of sports players. From the little tackers just starting out to the highly trained and committed elite sports players. For those who have missing baby teeth to those with Adult teeth or Braces we have you all covered. Rest Assured what ever level of sport you participate in we have a guard perfectly suited to your needs.

What Type of Mouthguard's do you offer?

Standard Guard

Our Standard Guard Is recommended for low contact Sports such as Basketball or Auskick. We also recommend this Guard for the little guys and girls just starting out who have baby teeth. This is a single layered laminate guard suitable for low collision sports. It is the perfect guard to introduce to young first time players. However this guard is Suitable for Adult Basketball players. (non contact) ​This guard is Fully covered by the "majority" of health funds and is therefore Often Free to those with private health.

Pro Guard

Our Professional Guard is designed for moderate to heavy contact. Such as Junior level Rugby, or Modified/Open AFL. It is recommended for players with Erupting or present Adult teeth. The Pro Guard is a double laminated Guard, providing substantially more protection than our Standard Guard. It is comfortable and allows players to talk breathe and drink all with comfort while providing the protection you need. ​*Recommended for players with braces.

Ultimate Guard

The Rolls Royce of Mouthguards for the Serious Sportsman or Woman the Ultimate Guard is designed for players in high level collision sports. Such as Boxing MMA Rugby or Sports involving a stick such as Hockey. It is a three layered guard and as the name suggests provides the Ultimate in protection. Whilst incredibly strong this guard is comfortable and not too thick. (It will not push your Upper lip out) Plus it is still soft enough around the gums to provide superior comfort. The strength is found in the technology of material used in the middle layer which is an very thin, yet extremely strong polycarbonate fibre. ​This Guard is frequently chosen when children have recently had braces removed and parents are focused on keeping teeth (and their investment) safe.

Comfort Pro Plus Guard

The Comfort Pro Plus combines the Protection of the Pro with the light weight and comfort of the Standard. This guard is recommended for those who participate in high level sports but have a significant gagging reflex or simply want the very light weight results only the comfort Pro plus can offer.