Disclaimer regarding Crown Dentistry website information

Due to our Blog and Social Pages the Australian Health Provider Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) requires us to include the following:

Information on our social media page and occasionally on our web site blog is of a general nature.  It has been sourced from various research regarding health and dental issues from a number of world-wide sources. This information is intended as a guide only.

Some of the opinions presented may be considered alternative and may not be widely encouraged by other dental practitioners.

We intend to inform patients of what we feel are interesting topics around various dental treatments from various world wide experts.

We Cannot guarantee that the electronic material (links) within these social pages or website align completely with the Aphra guidelines but rather they are for the purpose of interest and exploration by individuals outside recommended guidelines.

The information on this website and social pages are not intended to be a  substitute for a health practitioner’s advice, patients should Always seek a professional Opinion.  Crown Holistic Dental discourages self-diagnosis or self- medication.

We always act solely and completely within the Guidelines, Policies and Best Practices as outlined by the ADA.