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We Care for Kids - Start Your Childs Oral Health Journey in the Best Way!

At Crown Holistic Dental we make sure that we care for the whole family from the littlest ones who are experiencing their first visit right through to the Oldest of Patients !

We provide an Amazing experience that is sure to start your child off on the right foot, hopefully resulting with a wonderful life long positive focus on dental treatments.

Our Experienced Paediatric OHT Bec Harding is sure to have your little ones smiling in no time!

What’s an Oral Health Therapist?

An OHT provides mainly hygiene treatments (Exams and Cleans) to Children of all ages. As well as some other dental treatments for those under the age of 18.

As well as cleaning and educating our young people about how to best care for their teeth, an OHT provides fissure sealants, fillings and are also able to treat gum disease.

Our Team of Dentist work side by side with our OHT’s to ensure your Children get the best Possible care available and of Course our OHT’s are trained in holistic practices!


How Often Should Kids Attend ?

For those under 18 we recommend seeing one of our OHT’s every 6 months and for adults you may see one of our OHT’s or one of our Hygienist.

Whomever you choose to see your comfort and health is our Primary concern!

As the name suggests, an oral health therapist will assist you and your children in ways to properly care for your teeth.

Offering Children Oral hygiene is Bec’s focus and specialty. 

The Dentists at Crown will provide the more complicated treatments and our OHT’s & therapist will provide more routine work, such as regular Cleaning.

At Crown Holistic Dental we offer Ozone treatment with all our regular cleans.

Plus should you not want it, your child may remain Fluoride Free at this practice.

You can find out more information about this with this link*****holistic ozone *******************

Your child’s comfort and experience at our practice is our top priority!

Bec Holt has years of experience with children and has a Special way of making them feel great about coming to the Dentist!

Introduce Your Kids Early!

Around 2-3 years of age is a great age to start bringing your kids.

This way we can slowly introduce them to our Clinical rooms and the whole experience, making it great fun and preventing any anxiety.  





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