Root Canals

Our Biological team have extensive experience with Root canals treatment. They have provided solutions for successful RCT’s and others that present with complications several years after initial treatment.

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What is a Root Canal?

Root canals have been around since the 17th century, and today, endodontists are more advanced with the tools that they use to access and clear pulp inside the tooth. The tools used can clean and disinfect the tooth and dental professionals refill the tooth with a new material.

We pride ourselves with having a very balanced view when it comes to root canal treatment. In light of these facts we walk you through both schools of thought, those for and against we present you with Options and possible alternative treatments. Only after careful consideration and exploring all of your Options we commence treatment for Optimum Oral and Systemic Health.

Is it safe to have a Root Canal?

Having a biological and holistic approach to dentistry puts us at forefront of Modern Dentistry and root canal treatments are no exception. A biological root canal is at the cutting edge of dentistry.

A Biological root canal treatment may result in more effective removal of bacteria. It can fight the infectious areas and result in better healing.

Ozone therapy is used by many biological dentists for root canal treatment as well as many other applications within the dental office.

World Wide most of the dental community has hopped on board with this innovation. Root Canal treatments are safe when performed to exacting standards and are performed with a high level of skill.

In many cases root canals may be quite successful. In fact the natural tooth may be preserved when the infection is healed and healthy bone is developed around the tooth.

Any exposure that a patient has to any remaining bacteria and infections is minimal and adequately dealt with by the body’s own immunity.

What is involved in a Root Canal procedure?

When performing a root canal at our clinic we often use Ozone and further information about Ozone. We also use laser treatment.

We also may recommend using Laser light when performing this procedure. Laser light penetrates deeper than previous methods it is more effective at removing bacteria while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

Where traditional methods can only clean the tooth's root, the laser can further sterilise it. This dramatically increases your chances of a successful treatment.

When Root Canals are performed at Crown Holistic Dental we commonly:

(1) Use laser therapy to Reduce the possibility of side effects.
(2) Use the application of Ozone.
(3) Perform the procedure with minimal or no local anaesthesia due to laser technology.

What are the alternatives to a Root Canal?

We respect the fact that several patients are opposed to having root canal treatments. This is why we take great care in exploring all the Options. One of the most straight forward Options is to have the troublesome tooth extracted after extraction there are a few options available to you.

(1) Replace the missing tooth with a Bridge
(2) Replace missing tooth with a partial
(3) Removable Denture Replace missing tooth with a Flexible FRS Partial Denture
(4) Replace tooth with a Chrome Denture
(5) Placing a Ceramic Implant to replace missing tooth
(6) Placing a titanium Implant to replace missing tooth